Home baking – healthy alternative to save money

When you purchase store made bakery, you are paying for the convenience.  Yes it takes more time to do your own baking but after a few times, you’ll get so good at it, it just becomes part of your routine.

Home baking is also a healthier alternative, you can control what goes into the baked goods.  You know what you are eating exactly.  I typically reduce the sugar by half when I am using any recipe and use whole wheat flour instead of white flour.  I use real bananas versus banana flavouring and if there is some ingredient you don’t like, you can omit or replace it. There are many foods that we eat where we cannot control the ingredients.  So we take over control when we do our own baking.

Initially the cost to purchase the ingredients are higher if we are starting from scratch.  We have most ingredients in our kitchen already.  A simple example would be a Banana Muffin recipe. A half dozen regular banana chocolate chip muffins would be about $3-$4 on average, about 70cents a muffin. I am going to give you a rough cost of the muffins to make it from scratch.

Whole Wheat Banana Muffins (Makes about 1 dozen regular muffins)
1.5 cups whole wheat flour 20cents
1tsp baking soda 2cents
2 eggs 50cents
1/2 cup butter 75cents
1/2 cup brown sugar(optional) 20cents
1 tsp vanilla extract(optional) 10cents
3 ripe bananas 75cents
1/2 cup chocolate chips 20cents
Baking at 350F for 30mins 25cents

So approximately $2.97 for 12 muffins therefor 25cents per muffin.

I like making mini muffins so here is mine with following the above ingredients (P.S. mini muffins only take 15-20mins in the oven.  I put also put in raisins or cranberries for more variety.

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