It cost less to be organized

Believe it or not! Here are the 2 ways being organized can save you money.

First of all, you are not waiting your time looking for stuff. “Ok where are the scissors?” Sound familiar? So you go out to get another pair and then misplace it. So it is both the time(looking for that *!* pair of scissors and finally giving up and going out to buy another pair) and money(price of another one and the cost of your time) and frustration! Not sure if there is a dollar value for frustration!

Ok, Scissors are cheap but this could get into larger items, like a drill or a lost library book or your jewellery. Being organized doesn’t mean going out to getting baskets or shelves to put things into. It is about putting similar things together away, like stationary – pens, pencils, staler, tape, books-library books, magazines. So you know where the categories of general things are and the trick is to make sure you put it away.

Once you organize and put things away in their proper places, you will be much happier. There will be less stress and frustration. You will hear less of “What is this?” and “Where is that?” This will lead to a much happier person!!

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