Save with a Subway Gift Card this Christmas

T’is the season of giving.  Businesses are  encouraging people to purchase gift cards.  Right now Subway is offering a free sub with a purchase of a $25 subway gift card.  Hey, if you are planning on going to subway, why don’t just buy a $25 gift card for yourself?

A $25 gift card will cover 2 or 3 – 6″ meals or 12″ subs.  If you are taking the family out for a meal, buy yourself a gift card plus you’ll have the free 6″ sub.  My son likes to go to Subway for dinner when he works, now he saves that $5-$6 with the free sub.  Great thinking kid!

FYI according to google,  “Approximately 6 percent to 10 percent of gift cards are sold but not redeemed”.  That is why the retailers like the money in the pocket right away.  Don’t loose that gift card!



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