Should you buy more when it is on sale

A new store just opened up in the neighbourhood and they had their grand opening sale.  A lot of the products that I use were on sale.  I decided to purchase multiples of some items.  My son gave me a hard time about stocking up, and spending more money. In the long run is it worth it?

First thing is, what is the expiry date? Will you use it before the expiry date? If not, don’t buy the extra as it will just go into the garbage so you have lost your savings and most probably spent more.

Even for food that goes into the freezer, be careful that you don’t buy too much. You could forget that it is in the freezer. Once the items get freezer burn, into the garbage it goes. Were you really saving money? So when you stock up and your freezer gets full, you’ll have to purchase a second freezer. Now there is the cost of the new freezer along with the extra electricity costs!

Know your prices. Is it really cheaper? An item might be marked down by 50cts in one store but the regular price could be $2 less than the sale price at another store.

Does the item go on sale often? If it does, then most probably it will go on sale again by the time you need that item again.

I am a big Costco shopper, I go every 2 weeks or so. Once my supplies is low, I keep an eye out for the item to go on sale. I have noticed certain items that go on sale so I watch for it. At that point, I always buy enough as I don’t really want to store it. Remember having the supplies in your cupboard also means having money in your cupboards and not the bank account.

Costco was having a grand opening sale and their sales were better than they were normally were. I stocked up on a few items. Protein powder was on sale for $10 off. I bought 3, the expiry date was 2 years away and I knew I would end up using it before then. The protein powder usually goes on sale but typically by about $5 so I could justify buying more with this sale!

Remember evaluate it before buying too much to store in your pantry or freezer.

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